The Dub Module is a dynamic team of artists who design multimedia environments and produce video content for live events including, shows, theatre, dance, music events and permanent installations.

Led by Michael Hodgson and Bruce Ferguson, The Dub Module specialize in creating large format video for LED walls, large scale video projection, plasma screens and fibre optics. Content is created using a combination of rich animation, stills photography and live footage, exclusively by The Darkroom. Always working holistically to deliver a visual journey for their audiences, they design the technical environment to deliver the content or collaborate with production designers, art directors, lighting designers, composers, and technicians to orchestrate a fully considered sensory environment.

Thinking outside traditional video formats and delivery systems, The Dub Module push the boundaries of light manipulation, projection and illumination. Rich graphics and animations are developed in the studio along with site-specific content developed on location including photography, stop-frame animation and live footage to ensure content is customized to reflect both the environment and the cultural context where it is being seen.

The Dub Module has designed content for environments which include 40 meter long projection walls, flying LED screens that re-configure into different shapes, fibre optic installed in a lime stone floor, fully immersive video environments where the walls ceiling and floor are seamless projections.




Rugby World Cup Promotion
London, December 2008

Grazia Magazine Launch
Sydney, Australia, May 2008

2008 NZ Msuic Awards
Auckland, New Zealand, Oct 2008

Louis Vuitton Store Opening
Hong Kong March 2008

Rugby World Cup Promotion
Paris October 2007

Moving Mural for Private Event
Auckland March 2008

Louis Vuitton Cup Launch
Valencia April 2007

Dewers Whiskey Promotion
Shanghai September 2007

2006 NZ Music Awards
Auckland October 2006

Louis Vuitton Window
London November 2006

Lancome Colour Design Awards
Sydney June 2006

Louis Vuitton Store Opening
New York May 2006

NBC Television Season Launch
New York May 2006

Schwarzkopf Hair Awards
Auckland May 2006

Tiger Beer Banquet
Auckland Febuary 2006

L.E.D. Video Instalation
Hong Kong December 2005

Louis Vuitton Store Opening
Beijing November 2005

2005 NZ Music Awards
Auckland October 2005

Louis Vuitton Store Opening
Paris October 2005

Dancing with New Idea
Sydney September 2005

Lancome Colour Design Awards
Sydney June 2005

Macquarie Bank Anniverary
Sydney May 2005

Fibre-Optic Video Instalation
Tokyo April 2005

Louis Vuitton Global Store Opening
Shanghai September 2004

Louis Vuitton 150th Anniversary
Tokyo September 2004

Tourism NZ Showcase
Sydney July 2004

Louis Vuitton 150th Anniversary
Hong Kong April 2004